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Home Pool Fishery Rules
Membership of the Home Pool Syndicate is by annual invitation of the owners and may be terminated at anytime by their decision. Rule breaking or any bad behaviour will bring instant expulsion without refund. The decision of the owners being final in all cases.

Fishing may only be carried out from Pork Pie to Wallow swims. No fishing from Brook Bank; only to be used for observation and baiting etc. Home Bank is out of bounds, no access to Brook Bank.

Maximum of 3 rods, which must all be fished from the same swim.

No braided line, lead core or leaders of any kind.

The attendance of at least one work party is a condition of membership.

No litter. Anglers to take ALL their rubbish home with them.

Unhooking mats are compulsory (supplied along with landing nets and weigh slings). All anglers to handle all fish with the greatest possible care and respect.

No guests, spectators or dogs.

Under no circumstances may carp be retained (any other species caught, including carp under 5lbs, to be placed in keep net).

The syndicate shed must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Not to be used as a bivvy, no cooking etc.

The owners reserve the right for them or their guests to fish at any time.

Fishing is carried out entirely at the anglers’ own risk and the owners accept no responsibility for any accidents or damage that might occur whilst on the property.

The weights of all carp and capture details to be recorded in the logbook.

The owners reserve the right to close the lake whenever they think fit and prior notice will be given whenever possible.

Members should act as bailiffs where necessary and challenge anyone on the lake they suspect are not members and ask for proof of membership. Any presence of non-members or any rule breaking must be reported to the owners as soon as possible. Members of the adjoining Chad Pool are not allowed access to Home Pool.

Members must conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner, being polite and courteous to other members at all times.

No vehicles to park, unload/load beyond the troughs.

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